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Dorchester Center, MA 02124

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Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

Our Rates

The Rey Transport Well is committed to providing high quality, customer-oriented transportation service to Houston’s airports. Here is a brief summary of the key features highlighted in their message:

Safe Travel: Rey Transport Well prioritizes the safety of its passengers during transportation to Houston airports, ensuring safe travel.

Frequent Flyer Discounts: They offer discounts to frequent travelers, encouraging loyalty and providing cost-saving benefits to customers who use their services regularly.

Door-to-door pickup: Rey Transport Well provides the convenience of door-to-door pickup service, eliminating the need for passengers to travel to a specific location for pickup.

Luggage assistance: The company assists passengers with their luggage, offering help with loading and unloading, improving the overall comfort of the trip.

Focus on customer experience: Rey Transport Well is dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for its customers, emphasizing a customer-centric approach to service.

These characteristics suggest that Rey Transport Well is focused on providing reliable, comfortable and customer-friendly airport transportation service. If you are considering their services, it is advisable to contact them directly for specific details on pricing, availability and additional services they offer.

Please contact us or send us an email… Thank you very much 979 341-9291 email: reytw@travelenvylimos-com

Events PassengerPer HourAll NightersHang Over
Sunday-Thursday (3-4 Hrs. Minimum)1-3
Friday (4-5 Hrs. Minimum)1-3
Saturday (5-6 Hrs. Minimum)1-3
Houston Airport Transfers1-3
Quinceanera Rates (Saturday)1-3
Wedding Rates (Friday & Saturday)2-3
Prom Rates 6-7 Hr Min (Driver Gratuity Not Included)1-3

It appears that Rey Transport Well has specific terms and conditions regarding their pricing and fees. Here’s a breakdown of the information you provided:

  1. Service Charge: A 20% service charge will be added to the rates listed at the time of booking. This charge is likely an additional fee for the service provided.
  2. Convenience Fee: A 1.99% convenience fee is automatically applied to all credit card transactions. This fee covers the convenience of using a credit card for payment.
  3. Discount for Cash Payments: The convenience fee will be discounted when paying with cash. This encourages customers to pay in cash, avoiding the additional fee associated with credit card transactions.
  4. Driver’s Gratuity: Driver’s gratuity is not included in the quoted rates. This means that passengers are expected to tip the drivers separately for their service.
  5. Parking/Tolls: Parking and toll charges are additional and not included in the base rates. Passengers are responsible for these expenses during their journey.
  6. Out of Zone Trips: Out of zone trips may require an additional charge. This indicates that there could be specific geographic zones, and trips outside these zones may incur extra costs.
  7. Special Events Pricing: Rates for school dances and proms are slightly higher. Special events often involve higher demand and may require additional resources, leading to increased pricing for these occasions.

It’s important for customers to be aware of these terms and conditions when booking services with Rey Transport Well to avoid any surprises regarding the total cost of the trip. If you have specific questions or need further details, it’s advisable to contact Rey Transport Well directly for clarification on their pricing structure and any additional charges.

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